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2014 New Car Guide

Now is the time to drive new revenue! This year is shaping up to be a standout for new and improved models in the automotive world. A fresh assortment of family cars and sport coupes, including significant all-new and redesigned models, are making their way to dealer showrooms. The newest rides are equipped like never before, packing upgraded communication technology, increased fuel efficiency and a wide array of intriguing features that make vehicles safer and more fun to drive than ever. Refocus on automotive opportunities in your community with CTW's 2014 New Car Guide. Exciting stories. Lots of brand-new 2014 images. Creative page layouts. Why wait? Download a pdf now and take the issue for a spin.

In this issue:

  • The Bold & the Beautiful: A Roundup of 2014's Great New Cars
  • On Autopilot? The Latest Self-driving Technology
  • To Lease or To Buy?
  • That's Infotainment! A Guide to New Tech
  • Riding In Cars With Dogs
  • A Buyer's Guide to Electric & Hybrid Cars
  • Trucks Turn Over a New Fuel-Efficient Leaf
  • …and More!


Matthew M. F. Miller - Editor

Matthew M. F. Miller