Wheel Deals

  • New issue every Tuesday
  • Broadsheet page: 10.25 x 21 live area
  • Layouts in InDesign
  • Press-ready, high-res PDF
  • Lead feature, 600 words
  • “Steering You Right” Q&A,
    300 words
  • Second feature, 150 words
  • Illustrated statistic
  • 3+ high-resolution images
  • Word and text documents
  • Low-res reference PDF
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Wheel Deals

Why Go with Wheel Deals?

Serve readers. Look great. Keep costs down. Wheel Deals, the weekly automotive package from Content That Works, offers an unbeatable combination to help online and print publishers build a strong local advertising base. Wheel Deals provides a fast, simple route to build readership and drive revenue. Complete online and print design solutions save production time and cost. Smart. Affordable. Trustworthy. Take a test drive and see.


Matthew M. F. Miller - Editor

Matthew M. F. Miller